Judge Juan Ramon Alvarez

+22 Yrs Practicing Attorney, former Prosecutor, 15 Yrs Municipal Judge.

Project Details: 

6-month-long political awareness and action-based campaign for the democratic primary and subsequent runoff. The client was a candidate for the 332nd District Court who required an all-inclusive marketing strategy.

Case Study:

Judge Juan Alvarez began with no social media presence and no branding. Over 3 months, the client page grew to over 2,400 Facebook followers and 205 Instagram followers. During its first quarter, the account amassed a reach of 119,700 on Facebook and 10,000 on Instagram.

The client frequently saw a bigger and more positive response on Facebook, where his target demographic was more active.

Overall, through social, print, digital, and broadcast ads, the name recognition of the client was noticeably increased in both political and nonpolitical spaces.

Public Relations:

As part of our holistic marketing strategy for Judge Alvarez, coordination and media training were provided for TV, Podcasts, and traditional print media. Please see below for examples of our public relations work with Judge Alvarez.


Judge Juan Ramon Alvarez




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